Leven Valley C of E Primary School

Spoken Language

Effective oral communication is a key skill for life. It is of vital importance that children can express themselves clearly and confidently, and that they are able to listen attentively to others. Our classrooms and outdoor spaces provide a language-rich environment for all ages, and there is a strong focus on developing children's vocabulary across all areas of the curriculum.

We offer as many opportunities as possible for children to use, apply and develop these skills through a range of planned and meaningful contexts. These include:- drama, role play, taking part in productions for ‘real’ audiences, church services and assemblies, School Council, debating, discussion, circle time, the story-telling chair and hot-seating. Opportunities are given for children to converse with different members of the community through ‘Everyone Together’ sessions, coffee afternoons, the Suma Food Group and other fundraising events.

The children's strong oral communication skills are not only reflected in their spoken word, but also in the high standards of reading and writing that we see across the school.

Spoken Language Leaflet 

 A few ideas and suggestions to help your child develop their spoken language skills.