Leven Valley C of E Primary School


Writing is taught as part of daily phonics and English lessons and is practised across other curriculum areas. We endeavour to create stimulating and meaningful opportunities for children to write across the curriculum. Books to share in class are chosen carefully to engage and inspire creative writing, and real-life experiences and adventures at school become a stimulus for writing stories, poems, information texts, instructional writing and much more.

Writing begins in the early years. Children are shown how to hold mark-making implements with a secure tripod grip and provided with materials and ideas to encourage them to draw, colour and write letters, words and letter like-shapes. They are encouraged to use ‘writing’ in all areas of their play including in the outdoors.

Throughout school, writing is taught in conjunction with speaking, listening and reading. Children learn to write in a range of styles for different purposes. This becomes progressively more complex. They learn about the features of text types and apply it in their own work.

We aim to make meaningful links between subjects where possible and to incorporate and extend children’s reading and writing skills within and across other areas of the curriculum. We place the same expectations on children’s writing within all curriculum areas.

Helping your child to keep writing - ideas for supporting your child at home