Leven Valley C of E Primary School


The curriculum is everything we do and offer in school, from when the children start on their first day in Reception through to their final day in Year 6. It is continuously evolving and developing to reflect the needs of the children, the skills and expertise of the staff and the demands of society, whilst meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum. The following pages hopefully give you a sense of what we are aiming to achieve, how it will be achieved and what the outcomes are in the various subjects and other opportunities we offer. 

What are our overarching curriculum aims?

At Leven Valley everything we do and offer aims to develop the values, qualities and traits for rewarding life long learning and leading a happy and fulfilled life. The curriculum intends to provide experiences that help children become:

motivated, enthused, independent, resilient,

determined, reflective, empathetic

We believe this enables every child to reach their full potential and lead a happy and fulfilled life. 

What does our curriculum look like?

The Leven Valley curriculum design is underpinned by the following principles: 

Opportunities and inclusivity

Our curriculum intends to give every child access to real life experiences which make their learning meaningful and purposeful. Everyone has their own strengths, abilities and skills to be celebrated and shared, but equally everyone has things they find more difficult or challenging with which they may need support and encouragement. Whatever they may be, our curriculum opportunities are inclusive. 


Our curriculum aims to make learning opportunities fun and to capture children's interests. Learning opportunities are designed to promote inquisitive and questioning minds that want to find out more and more, an exciting adventure into the unknown!


Our curriculum offers children challenge matched to their abilities, but with support and encouragement. Overcoming challenges is immensely rewarding, which builds self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief - essential traits for life. 


Our curriculum is designed to include wider members of our school community in our learning. We take every opportunity to invite friends of the school and local experts into the classroom to share their knowledge and experiences. This not only enriches and deepens the various experiences, but helps to give the children a real sense of security and belonging within their commmunity and locality. 

Curriculum Map

Below are overview documents showing the currciulum plan for each year. There is a 3-year rolling plan for Reception and KS1, and a 4-year rolling plan for KS2. 

Curriculum Map 2022-23     Curriculum Map 2023-24    Curriculum Map 2024-25     Curriculum Map 2025-26