Leven Valley C of E Primary School


In the early years, children continue to develop the physical skills required to form letters by access to a wide range of activities designed to promote fine and gross motor development. Writing is a whole-body activity, and big movements such as digging, sweeping, pedalling a bike, throwing and catching, skipping and dancing all contribute towards the development of muscles in the arms, neck, shoulder and trunk. Activities such as drawing, painting, cutting, playdough and construction are integral to building the finger, hand and wrist strength needed to be a writer. 

Pedalling a bike develops gross motor skills.

As they learn their letters, children are shown how to form each one correctly in a printed style. In Class 1, letter formation is introduced and developed within our phonics sessions. This is practised and supported in additional handwriting sessions throughout the week. 

In Year 2 children are introduced to using joined-up handwriting, and handwriting is taught and practised as the children move through the school. By Class 2 children should have developed a fluent and efficient joined- up writing style and be using this consistently in Class 3.

Handwriting and Letter Formation Leaflet