Leven Valley C of E Primary School


Why teach gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a sport which is an exciting way to get children active, develop core skills and body awareness from a very young age.

Gymnastics develops strong bones and improves overall health. By placing normal, safe pressure on children’s bones, bone density is increased for a strong skeletal system which allows for safe weight-bearing. It helps develop physical skills such as strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, power and balance, but with a discipline and focus, which are great skills and habits for life. 

Gymnastics engages both sides of a child's brain, like many activities, but in additon requires both sides of the brain to work together on the same element of the activity. For example, while bouncing on a trampoline, children need to keep their feet together and apply the same amount of force to each leg, while also bouncing straight up and down. If their brain doesn’t work in unison for this, the gymnast will lose their balance. 

Gymnastics at Leven Valley

At Leven Valley children are taught gymnastics in every year group by an experienced and qualified specialist gymnastics coach. We have good facilities and a wide range of equipment including springboard, trampete, wall bars and large floor mats. 

Each year some children take part in the Key Steps Gymnastics interschool competitions.