Leven Valley C of E Primary School

Grammar & Punctuation

Grammar and punctuation is taught throughout the school, following a careful progression to ensure children develop a secure understanding. Teachers plan explicit activities linked to current themes to make the learning interesting and relevant.

For detailed information about the expectations in grammar and punctuation by year group, including terminology and examples, please have a look at the Grammar and Punctuation booklet for parents, or English Appendix 2 from the National Curriculum. 

Grammar and Punctuation Booklet 

English Appendix 2: Grammar and Punctuation 

Building children's knowledge and understanding is achieved through a focus on grammar and punctuation within the teaching of reading, writing and speaking. Once pupils are familiar with a grammatical concept, they are encouraged to apply and explore this concept in their own speech and writing, and to note where it is used by others. 

In Year 6, children are tested on aspects of grammar and punctuation as part of their end of Key Stage 2 SATs tests. This requires children to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the grammar and punctuation that they have been learning throughout school. Take a look at the kind of questions that children in Year 6 will be tackling!

ks2 spag paper.pdf