Leven Valley C of E Primary School

Governing Body

Being a governor at Leven Valley

Governors are people who have a keen interest in the school and want to help in providing the best education for the children attending the school.  They represent a range of people in the community: staff, parents, church (in a CE school) and the community.  They are willing to attend full governing body meetings, committee meetings and supporting staff and children in the many activities the school undertakes.  They also hold the school to account making sure it manages its budget, delivers school policies and objectives and ensures children achieve the highest standards academically and personally. Responsibility is held by the whole governing body not by individuals and it is a very rewarding thing to do.

At Leven Valley we hold full governors’ meetings each half term.  We have three committees: curriculum and staffing, finance and premises.  Everyone serves on a committee and tries to attend full governors’ meetings.  Curriculum and staffing and premises meet half termly and finance meets as necessary: at least four times a year.

Governor training is offered by the LA, the Diocese and other partner organisations. Governors are encouraged to attend training.  There are also links with the local authority, the Diocese and other schools.

Contact details

Chair of Governors: Andy Allan

Vice Chair of Governors: Sally Cowell

Clerk to Governors: Heather Keating

Email: clerk@levenvalley.cumbria.sch.uk 

Phone: 015395 31365 


  • 2 x Parent governors
  • 1 x Local Authority governor
  • 1 x Headteacher
  • 1 x Staff governor
  • 7 x Foundation governors


Name Category

How appointed

Date of appointment

Term of office

FGB attendance 2021/22

Andrew Allan

Foundation Carlisle Diocese

 12 Jan 2023

4 years 6/6
Melissa Wardle Staff Elected by staff 24 Jan 2023 4 years 5/6
Sally Cowell Foundation Carlisle Diocese 11 Feb 2019 4 years 5/6
Janette Elsyad Foundation Carlisle Diocese 5 June 2019

 4 years

Ian Nicol Headteacher Ex-Officio - 6/6
Steve Lawler LA Member appointed 19 Mar 2018 4 years  3/3
Pam Priestley Foundation Carlisle Diocese 16 Sep 2019 4 years 5/6
Sue Sanderson LA Member Appointed 28 June 2022 4 years 1/6
Sarah Warren Parent Elected by parents 6 July 2019 4 years 6/6
Rev James Bruce Foundation Carlisle Diocese 5 Sept 2018 End of term March 2021
Maggie Biddlestone Foundation Carlisle Diocese 17 July 2021 4 years 4/6
Biddy Hibbert Foundation Carlisle Diocese 19 May 2021 4 years 4/6
Tim Davey Parent Elected by parents 12 Jan 2023 4 years

Committee terms of reference:

Curriculum and Staffing Terms of Reference 

 Finance and Premises Terms of Reference   

Committee Membership

Curriculum and Staffing Committee
Members Meeting attendance 2021-22
Melissa Wardle 6/6
Ian Nicol 6/6
Pam Priestley 5/6
Sue Sanderson 1/6
Sarah Warren 4/6
Maggie Biddlestone 4/6
Biddy Hibbert 5/6
Premises and Finance Committee
Members Meeting Attendance 2021-22
Andy Allan 4/5
Sally Cowell 5/5
Steve Lawler 4/4
Ian Nicol 5/5
Sarah Warren 3/5
Janette Elsyad 5/5

Governor Business Interests 2020-21

No business interests have been declared in this academic year.