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16th September 19
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Maths at Leven Valley School


Maths is taught daily in each class, including mental maths work and a main activity, often involving lots of practical and problem solving activities.  The maths curriculum includes work in number, measurement, shape and space, algebra, data handling and the use and application of mathematics.

Children are given a firm grounding in basic skills and knowledge and encouraged to apply these in practical everyday situations.  Mental maths continues to be a main focus of our work. Children work with a variety of practical resources, including the use of computers and calculators, where appropriate.  

The Four Operations: Calculation Methods


These booklets detail the progression of  addition, subtraction, multipication and division methods, both mental and written, from Year 1 to Year 6. The methods should be considered as a continum that children gradually work their way through, some children may spend longer on one particular method or even skip methods as they progress.

Ultimately, children need to decide which method to use for any given calculation, this will vary depending on the difficult and context of the question and their own preferences. If the method is successful and is completed in a reasonable time, then that's what we're after!

A booklet offering ideas and advice as to how to help and support your child at home.

This is the new Primary National Curriculum for Maths(published September 2013.) It becomes statutory from September 2014.