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16th September 19
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EYFS & Key Stage 1 Curriculum Plan


The Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 curriculum is based on a 3-year topic cycle. The topics are cross-curricular to inspire and stimulate the children in their learning. Visits and visitors are integrated into the planning to further enhance the topic and bring it to life.


2015-16 – autumn

2015-16  – spring

2015-16  – summer


Journeys & Transport





2016-17 – autumn

2016-17  – spring

2016-17  – summer

Colour, Light & Sound


Out & About




2017-18 – autumn

2017-18  – spring

2017-18   – summer



Homes & Gardens





Key Stage 2 Curriculum Plan


We have a 4-year topic plan for the junior children: subjects are taught through the topics wherever appropriate to engage and excite the children and help them develop links in their learning. The topics are enriched with visits and/or visitors in school to give the children first hand experiences and provide stimulus for their work in school.


2017-18 – autumn

2017-18  – spring

2017-18  – summer (Outdoor Res)


Modern Europe

Dinosaurs and Fossils


2018-19 – autumn

2018-19 – spring

2018-19 – summer (Urban Res)


Stone Age to Iron Age

Earth Matters/Mountains, rivers and coasts


2019-20 – autumn

2019-20 – spring

2019-20 – summer (Outdoor Res)

World War II


Comparing people and places


2020-21 – autumn

2020-21 – spring

2020-21 – summer (Urban Res)




A few points to note:

  • Coverage is in line with Primary Curriculum 2014.
  • 4 year cycle delivered to all KS2 children
  • Balance of history and geography focuses through each year.
  • Art and Technology are incorporated and taught through the topics wherever appropriate.
  • Visits, visitors and enrichment activities are included in each topic.
  • Science, Computing, RE and Music are usually taught as discreet subjects on a 2 year cycle.
  • French is taught to Y5&6.