Leven Valley CE Primary School

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16th September 19
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Class Organisation


There are currently approximately 60 children on roll at Leven Valley School organised into 3 classes: class 1 - reception, Year 1 & 2; class 2 - Year 3 & 4; and class 3 - Year 5 & 6. Through the week class 2 and 3 work together on a number of occasions, usually for topic work.

Class 1 is supported by a full-time teaching assistant; classes 2 & 3 are supported by a part-time teaching assistant. In addition, we are fortunate to benefit from parental and other volunteers on a regular basis, all of which help to improve the learning opportunities for the children. Throughout the year specialist tutors and coaches are utilised to further enhance provision, for example, sports coaches, music/drama/art tutors.

Children are cared for at lunchtimes by two lunchtime supervisors; a part-time secretary provides adminsitrative support. Cleaning and catering services are provided by commerical suppliers.

Rainbow Teams


We have four coloured Rainbow Teams: red, blue, green and yellow. Each team gathers once a week before Friday's Praise Assembly to tally their Praise Awards that they have collected as individuals : the winning team is presented with the Rainbow Cup.

Children eat their lunches in their Rainbow Teams, older and younger children mixed, often helping each other. The teams are also used in a number of whole school events and activities though the year, for example Sports Day.



Children are given weekly homework throughout their time at Leven Valley School. All children are asked to read regularly at home, as they move up the school, they also have literacy and maths activities to complete, usually related to what they are doing in school. Homework is a valuable part of the home school link and many tasks are designed to allow parents and children to work together. If a child is having difficulties in any area, it is often a great help if they can bring work home and have extra individual attention.

Enrichment Activities


We believe enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities play a very important role in the development of a child's self-esteem and confidence, having a significant impact on learning. As such we aim to offer a wide range of opportunties for all ages of children and all interests through the year, here is a flavour of what we have offered over the past 12 months:

film making club :: orienteering training :: outdoor residential :: community coffee afternoon :: dodgeball club :: urban residential :: zoo visit :: mosque visit :: mini pilgrimage :: mock WWII evacuation day :: community food group :: Remembrance Day Service :: harp club :: Kwik Cricket club :: football club :: Bikeability :: annual summer play :: net games club :: multi-skills club :: cinema evenings :: slate quarry visit :: charity fundraising :: recorder groups :: rock-climbing club :: Easter Church service :: swimming for all ages

We work hard to ensure that these events and activities are as accessible as possible to families and children, but some do require additional contributions to make them viable: we make this clear in the event details.